Ex-Easter Island Head: Large Electric Ensemble

For those who lament the death of guitar music, let Ex Easter Island Head point you in the direction of a beatific future. Featuring waves of mallet-beaten guitar overtone nirvana, pulsating phasing chatters of acousmatic byrdsong, whatever is happening it is always sublime – if you're not a fan already you most certainly will be after this... Critically acclaimed Ex-Easter Island Head are a UK collective who incorporate multiple prepared electric guitars, percussion and other instruments to explore interplay, repetition and melodic intervention. The group’s live performances have been praised for their hypnotic energy, compositional flair and unique spectacle. Salford Large Electric Ensemble comprises performers drawn from all corners of the thriving Manchester and Salford underground to present an ambitiously scaled work for eighteen prepared electric guitars and percussion. Utilising a self-developed language of extended techniques and mechanical preparations, graphic notation and aleatory procedures the piece sees the groups’ shimmering electrified minimalism expanded to a bold new scale, encompassing members of Gnod, ILL, Action Beat, Mother and tapping into the vast resources of talent at Salford’s Islington Mill and on the Manchester-based Tombed Visions label. --============--============-- Support will come from woodwind voyager Chris Cundy. Utilizing bass clarinet, saxophones, and other unusual woodwind instruments Chris splits his time between the UK and Canada. He has toured internationally with Cold Specks, Timber Timbre, Guillemots, and Fyfe Dangerfield. He also accompanies songwriters including Little Annie, Baby Dee, Devon Sproule, and Edd Donovan. Recently Chris has started to release a series of albums under his own name. Becoming friends with Billy Childish - artist, musician, and founder of Hangman Records & Books at an early age instilled and inspired in him a strong DIY approach, one in which quickly led to establishing experimental projects including Grace & Delete - a duo with fellow painter and electronics musician James Dunn. He also started to explore self-developed playing techniques such as multi-phonics, circular breathing, micro tonality and generally speaking a more tactile approach to the instrument. Advance tickets available from Headfirst Bristol

Cube , Bristol, United Kingdom

Ex-easter Island Head: ...



30 Sep


Harald Grosskopf/Eberherd Kraneman Pr. Krautwerk

Dictionary Pudding present two godfathers of Krautrock; Harald Grosskopf (Synthesist, Ashra, Klaus Schulze) and Eberhard Kranemann (ex- Kraftwerk, Neu!, Fritz Mller) Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann transmit cosmic sonic visions of today, tomorrow and beyond in one of the most exciting collaborations in recent years. Krautwerk German efficiency, original, sensational and mind-melting man-machine transcending art, the philosophy of unbounded sonic colours and resistance thinking. For the first time ever, Harald Grosskopf (Synthesist, Ashra, Klaus Schulze) and Eberhard Kranemann (ex- Kraftwerk, Neu!, Fritz Mller) transmit their cosmic sonic visions of today, tomorrow and beyond. The Germans are great inventors. They gave us the automobile in 1886, Adidas in the 1920s and then Krautrock in 1970s. The golden children of the genre, Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann, have united to celebrate the genre\'s reign as Krautwerk. Originating from the German cities Berlin and Dsseldorf, Krautrock dominated the musical field from 1969 1975. Its influential force impacted rock and techno. Lose yourself in the trippiness of Krautwerk\'s psychedelic soundscapes and celebrate a movement that changed music as we know it. Kranemann and Grosskopf did not know each other until they met for the first time in 2016 on a festival where they both performed their solo projects. They decided to merge the different sounds of Dsseldorf and Berlin school of electronic music together, resulting in energetic, contemporary new sounds. watch the project here: plus support TBC PATTERNS (FORMERLY AUDIO) WEDS 4TH OCTOBER 2017 1930-2200 / 12 ADV FROM: Presented by Dictionary Pudding Promotions MAILING LIST SIGNUP:

Patterns, Brighton, United Kingdom

Harald Grosskopf/eberhe...



04 Oct

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