Minotaur Sound #3 - Illy Noize Returns

You asked - so Beast listened. Illy is back! Do you remember losing yourself in the shadowy confines of The Island for the Launch Party at Illy Noize's UK debut last year? Want to dance with the Beast again?! Back to the deepest, darkest depths of the Police Cells for a night that will have you hoof stomping to glitter and horn infused Beastly Beats...again The Lair: (Techno/Deep House): Illy Noize \\Joyfriend \\ Charles Bronson, Halle Lee Williams \\ Terminal \\ Bedrock Much Maligned (was Donewrong) The Cell: (Beats and Treats): Tina Hart  Sarah Air Thomas ********** Visuals: Stefan Goodchild \\ LCD Sound System \\ Rag N' Bone Man Projections/Lasers: Airdrawn Horns, Glitter, Glamour, Sass: We Creatures ********** Illy Noize (Joyfriend, Charles Bronson, Halle) Proving that you can never have enough of a good thing. Illy is back to his spiritual UK home where he will once again lift the roof off of The Island and launch you into deepest techno and house oblivion (he blew Beast away at the Minotaur Launch party in 2016). This folksy dude from a little town in the middle of Germany delivers the fun since the good old days of 99. He is frequently delivering musical goodness at various German festivals in including Feel Festival. With an addiction for vinyl and the love for soulful house and techno he is always hunting for that moment which makes a night unforgettable. Learning to produce from scratch he started to release his first tracks in 2011 on What!What! Records. The Track “What We Called Love” was a huge festival hit and was played around the globe. This was followed by tracks on Degree Records, Yuma, Telekollegen and many more. He is a regular at the much coveted Charles Bronson club in Halle and Sisyphos club in Berlin. Lee Williams (Terminal/Bedrock/From Berlin with love) Lee made a statement presence at Minotaur Sound #2 alongside Denis Horvat. He is a frequent addition to discerning clubnights in Bournemouth, Bristol, UK and beyond and caught the eye of Nick Muir and John Digweed with his track Afterglow, recently released on Bedrock records. signed up to EJ Underground Records and runs the much-coveted Terminal club night in Bournemouth. Terminal has been delighting discerning south coast techno lovers for 5 years. DJ/Producer Lee has performed with heavy weight names Sasha, Darren Emerson and Layo and Bushwacka and has releases on Tech Tribal, Dekoded, Endemic Digital, Base Music, EJ Underground and Sound of Juan. Much Maligned (was Donewrong) He's a Bristol scene stalwart, and you've probably danced to him many a time. He helped to boost Minotaur launch party into fame and graces many Bristol lineups - so you know you're in safe hands when he is behind the decks. Tina Hart Tina caught Beast's ear with her specatular versatility to translate fun into the form of high octane, hoof stomping beats that make it impossible not to dance. She has been spinning records for the past 14 years and mastered the art of puppetry on the dance?oor. Her routes lie within the underground music scene in London, Brighton, Belfast & Bristol. The past decade has seen her hold numerous residencies alongside her own groundbreaking club promotion & party soundsystem “Vibe”. Weekly residencies at Decoy, Mish Mash & Wired combine with numerous guest slots and regular appearances throughout Ireland, Bristol and beyond. Sarah Air Beast invites Sarah Air to crank up the deep section and shake up the cell decks with her genre-bending blend of beastly beats, setting you adrift on waves of pulsating hooks and grooves. It's gonna be nasty, it's gonna be filthy, but above all it's gonna be sweeeeet. Thomas Laser Creator Extraordinaire - who would have thought that Thomas was just more than space lights?! Little did Beast know that he could drop the musical bombs as easily as flicking a switch. Thomas will be lighting up the cell with some rapturous musical joy in more ways than one.

The Island, Bristol, United Kingdom

Minotaur Sound #3 - Ill...

The Island


25 Nov

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